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Dec 9, 2012 6:00pm PST
red carpet world premier of lame is a rob. >> lame is a rob is one of the greatest musicals ever written. the first oscars of the have been hand out! >> these are the people who spent grand lifetimes and made immense contribution. >> the golden globes are coming up, too. >> and celebrating the most powerful women in entertainment. >> when there is so money cool people here. >> we are rolling out the red carpet now. ♪
Dec 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
man robbed a cvs. he has a similar description as previous robber. investigators have not said if two robberies are connected but they have their suspensions and arrests and new information tonight about the circumstances surrounding an at risk juvenile victim who went missing from a care facility. abc 7 news is live at oakland police headquarters tonight with latest on this case. nick? >> good evening, oakland police being tight lipped with details but did confirm to abc 7 news they're investigating what happened to that 16-year-old girl. on tuesday a teen-aged girl her parents say suffers from autism and has mental capacity of a 9-year-old went missing. after several searches she was found in san francisco on a muni bus, her parents tell us she'd been assaulted. today, directors expressed fwrat tud for helping find her. >> that is what we're focusing on is her return to safety. we're grateful to the community. >> i spoke with the mother who says she doesn't want to disdus the -- discuss the nature of the injuries or details out of concern it might jeopardize this case. >> we're just
Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm PST
charged with robbing a woman at knife point over the weekend and was arraigned this afternoon. >> the day after christmas marks first day of the after rick kin american celebration of qaunza. a tribute to the african heritage through music drew a sold out crowd today. >> from drums to jazz... and of course, gospel... music tells a time line of the african american struggle. >> see, hundreds of years ago people were bought and sold and thought of as three fifths of a man. >> but with poetry and dancing the band began a week long celebration of kwanzaa with a musical journey through time. >> few remember when blues were born. here in sauce let qee l.o, the audience is largely kids. many have never seen a performance like this. >> to hear real music it's not just kid stuff, but for everyone. >> so are the seven principals including unity, create activity and faith. kwanzaa started in 1965 after the watts riots. now more than 40 years later there are efforts to broaden its reach as a universal celebration. >> because based on principles it's a holiday for everybody on the planet. >> the f
Dec 21, 2012 6:00pm PST
, everyone is in port. >> that is rob cranka. >> i got crabs i'm holding here for people that made arrangements that wanted them for christmas eve. i'll have them for them. >>h÷çñ the we could have made a couple thousand dollars but sit what it s you take a break now or take it next week. >> sandbags are available for residents living in flood prone neighborhoods. quiet today, but expected to pick up tomorrow after next round of rain. crews anticipating the6$.worm and they removed tree branches. >> a lot of outages we can see are caused by healthy cruise coming down into power lines that can take multiple spans of poles down as well. >> for now, rain stopped. stars are out. however, that is probably going to change in the next few hoursrfkw and into weekend. the national weather service advising foam stay off of jetties because it's very, very dangerous. >> there is a holiday tragedy in the sierra. a skier died in squaw valley he hit a tree on what is called k 22. he was wearing a helmet but they're not identifying him yet. officials released a statement reading in part we've s
Dec 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
forearmed suspects. >> police say at least five people robbed a jewelry store, then took police on a chase ended up on this campus. >> the search right now is centered on three buildings on the southwest part of the campus, a nearby high school son dloung tonight. one suspect has surrendered. the s.w.a.t. team looking for four more people tonight. >> and tonight we know identity of a young man who went on a shooting free yesterday in a portland,Ó&÷ oregon shopping mall, killing two people before turning the gun on himself. the sheriff there is saying koit have been much, much worse. abc 7 news mark matthews is in the newsroom tochl plain. >> detectives have now revealed the man behind the mask is a 22-year-old jacob tileler roberts. yesterday, detectives say he ran into a mall, apparently intent on murdering as many people as he could. detectives say the food court inside of the mall was littered with shell casings from an assault rifle. >> i heard i am the shooter then shots rang out. >> and we realized oh, my gosh that is a gun. >> investigators say the 22-year-old jacob tileler robert
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
coast. rob works for a refridge company that sits in a low spot near the river. the property hasn't flooded in years but there is concern that it might if the forecast for the weekend holds through. >> they're saying the pipe supposed to be seven feet high in the river. about eight yearsing ao, river overflowed so we don't want to -- if it's a heavy rain you never know what it's liable to get to. >> and again, despite the shower they've gotten a bit of a break here this afternoon. of course, all eyes will be on those rivers, those creeks and in trouble spots like this, because as we know by now, rivers and creeks are full. round is saturated as we head into the weekend. >> thank you. >> south bay saw heavy rain today. this road had problem was water earlier today, as you can see, traffic moving smoothly, slower on the left side of the screen. but also, abc news reporter is standing by. and you can see it is raining there. a live look at the sloppy conditions there in the santa cruz mountain autos about haifl mile stretch of highway 9 has been closed all day because of a power pole f
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6